I am forever grateful for the love and support I've been blessed with all my life because it's put me in the position to do the same for others. My mission is to give back more than I've been given and share my experience learning to create real happiness. When I truly started taking care of my mind and body, everything around me began falling into place. And it continues to do so. Grateful Peoples is my way of sharing this message, my art, and my passion for the power of gratitude!

       Teddy D.                                                                               Founder of Grateful Peoples


Gratitude JOURNal

We are what we think. The Grateful PeoplesĀ® Gratitude Journal is a space to practice mindful thinking. 




  An initiative bringing mindful    living to the workplace and the classroom! For every Gratitude Journal a company buys for an employee, Grateful Peoples donates a copy to a school.